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Excerpt from the April 2011 issue...

Spring and Summer Rose Care

April - If you haven't already, it is time to fertilize with your favorite fertilizer and add a nice thick layer of fresh mulch.  If you spray, begin now and be sure to follow all the package directions carefully.  Remove the bottom six inches of foliage to help with disease caused by water splashing on the leaves.  Watch for new basal shoots and suckers - baby one and pull out the other.  Be sure to water regularly as the rains stop and spring winds blow.  Finger prune off new growth that is weak or growing in the wrong direction.  Scatter snail bait that is safe for pets and wildlife.

May - Hooray!!! They are blooming!  Enjoy your gorgeous roses!  Make bouquets for your home or to share with friends.  Bring them to the Old Rose Celebration!  Keep up your watering program.  Deadhead to keep the garden clean.  Save petals for potpourri.  Watch the ties on your roses as the canes get fatter.

June-July-August - Keep up routines of watering, fertilizing and/or spraying.  As your once blooming roses finish, gently prune them to remove non-productive canes and shape them.  Continue to deadhead and clean away fallen leaves to help keep disease at bay or, leave the leaves to mulch as Gregg Lowery suggests.  Pinch back blind growth.  Remove any diseased leaves as soon as you see them and dispose in the garbage, not compost.  Tie new canes on climbers.  Enjoy your roses on a warm and sunny afternoon with a nice glass of cool white wine or refreshing lemonade!  Visit public gardens to enjoy their roses and maybe find some new cultivars to try next year!


Features in the April 2011 issue:

How to identify and treat Scale infestations on roses

Rare vintage desert and French roses

Handy tricks to prevent losing gardening gloves

Tried and true non-toxic methods for controlling snails

Valuable tips and tricks for growing old roses
Heart-warming personal stories about heritage roses
HRG Group activity in your area!



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