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 Heritage Rose Groups

The Heritage Roses Groups

Formed in 1975, as a fellowship of those who care about Old Garden Roses, Species Roses, Old or Unusual Roses - particularly those roses introduced into commerce prior to the year 1867. Its purposes are to preserve, enjoy, and share knowledge about the Old Roses.



Old Rose Newsletters

The Old Roser's Digest

A bi-annually regional newsletter, was founded by Miriam Wilkins and is now written and edited by Joanie Helgeson.  For more information, click here.

The Friends of Vintage Roses

Historic Rose Collection

Dedicated to preserving heritage roses and educating the public on the importance of the rose in human history. For more information: Click here. 

San Jose Heritage Rose Garden

Delighting you with a world class collection of 3,000 plants of 2,800
varieties of heritage, modern and miniature roses, initially planted by more than 750 volunteers in March, 1995. For more information click here.

Nurseries and Catalogs 

HMF Roses

At Help Me Find (HMF) Roses, you can view detailed lists of over 28,000 heritage and modern roses and over 42,000 photos of roses